Simply select the value of your Mobile Legends diamond top up and U7Buy will do the rest! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers various game modes, providing players with different challenges and experiences. Let’s explore the available game modes and their unique mechanics.

Mobile Legends Classic And Ranked Modes

The Classic Mode is the traditional and most commonly played scenario. It provides the quintessential 5v5 experience where two teams, each consisting of five players, compete to destroy the opposing team’s base. Classic Mode takes place on a map with three lanes: top, middle (mid), and bottom. Each lane is defended by turrets, and the teams must navigate through these lanes to reach the enemy base. The primary objective in Classic Mode is to destroy the enemy Nexus. Ranked is similar to Classic Mode but it has a leaderboard system that rates combatants. Players earn or lose stars based on their performance, and they can climb the ranks from Warrior to Mythic.

Mobile Legends Brawl Mode

Brawl Mode is designed for quick, casual matches with a focus on intense combat, shorter game duration, and a more chaotic atmosphere. Brawl Mode takes place on a single-lane map, which simplifies the gameplay and encourages constant team fighting. There are no side lanes or jungles, creating a more direct and immediate combat environment. One of the unique aspects of Brawl Mode is that heroes are randomly assigned to players. Players do not get to choose their heroes, adding an element of surprise and challenge to each match.

Magic Legends Magic Chess Game Mode

Magic Chess provides a turn-based scenario in which eight players compete against each other. During the preparation stage, the Little Commander uses gold to employ Heroes. They are deployed on the map. The Little Commander can be upgraded to support more Heroes. Once the preparation phase is over, the game enters the combat phase where players watch their Heroes automatically battle against other players’ Heroes. The outcome is determined by the abilities, synergies, and positioning of the Heroes. The last standing player wins the game.

Mobile Legends Survival Mode

This is a battle royale mode where players drop onto a map, gather resources, and fight until only one player or team remains. It features quick matches compared to the Classic game mode, allowing for shorter gaming sessions and rapid action.

Mobile Legends Custom Modes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers Custom Modes, allowing players to create personalized game settings and experiences. Custom Modes provide a more flexible and tailored gameplay experience compared to standard modes. Players can create their own custom games with specific settings, rules, and configurations. This includes options to adjust game duration, gold and experience rates, and other parameters. Custom games can be set to invite-only, ensuring that only players who receive invitations can join. Creators can modify the game speed, such as increasing or decreasing the pace of the match. Additionally, custom rules may include adjustments to respawn times, gold and experience gains, and other mechanics.


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