We often take for granted the things and people in our lives until they are gone. This article will discuss why it is important to love and appreciate what you have now, before life teaches you harsher lessons about loss and regret.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

It is too easy to put off love what you have, before life teaches you to love – tymoff and showing gratitude for the present. We tell ourselves we will spend more time with loved ones, enjoy our hobbies, or focus on self-care “tomorrow”. However, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Life has a way of teaching hard lessons through unexpected illness, accidents, or sudden departures of people from our lives. The love and time we wish we could have shared ends up only in our memories. We lament all the moments missed that can never be reclaimed. Do not let the busyness or distractions of life cause you to take for granted each day with those you care about. Make an effort each day to show love through hugs, kind words, thoughtful gestures, quality time spent together, and actively listening without judgment. Our loved ones do not want lavish displays; they want our sincere presence and affection.

Appreciate Simple Pleasures

It is also easy to overlook life’s simple everyday pleasures in pursuit of more, bigger, and better things. We think happiness lies just beyond our current situations if only we can acquire that new phone, car, house or vacation. However, true happiness comes from appreciating ordinary pleasures like a cozy bed, warm meal, hot shower, good friends, interesting hobbies, comfortable clothes – even just a blue sky or song of a bird. The luxury of a hot meal or freshwater may seem common but to many people worldwide, these are scarce commodities. Make a habit of pausing during routine activities to take notice of life’s basic comforts that so many take for granted. Express sincere gratitude for these normalcies which, in times of trouble, become longed-for treasures. Appreciating simple joys is a choice that cultivates deeper fulfillment independent of circumstance.

Embrace Impermanence

Everything changes with time. People grow up and move on, companions pass away, favorite places disappear, once popular trends fade into obscurity. Even our physical bodies are in a state of constant change as cells regenerate. Nothing is permanent in this world except change itself. So do not cling too tightly to any one form or moment, which you surely will one day lose. Instead, embrace impermanence by fully living in and enjoying each moment, while it lasts. Do not resent the changes that come naturally with life’s flow. See them rather as chances for new growth and beauty to emerge as old forms break down and cycle into something new. Meet each experience, whether pleasant or painful, with openness, acceptance and gratitude for the valuable lessons it brings. Fear of change often causes us to cling to past versions of ourselves or beloved people and things, but this prevents us from fully embracing each present moment.

Showing Gratitude daily

One practice shown to increase overall happiness and life satisfaction is consciously expressing gratitude. Writing down three things you are grateful for daily in a gratitude journal helps rewire the brain to focus on positives versus negatives. It also boosts relationships; sharing your gratitude regularly with friends and family through cards, calls or in person lets them know you value them. Expressing thanks to people who’ve gone out of their way for you, from loved ones to service workers, costs nothing but means everything to the receiver. Even when going through hard times, make an effort to feel and vocalize gratitude for small mercies like having a roof over your head or your basic health. This shifts perspective to a more grateful mindset instead of dwelling in lack. Combined with loving what you have now before it slips away, daily gratitude helps us truly appreciate and value each moment life offers.


The simple yet profound lesson that “life teaches us to love what we have before it’s gone” is applicable to people, experiences, situations and relationships. We cannot take for granted that tomorrow is promised to reclaim missed opportunities from today. Make a concerted effort to love and appreciate what presently fills your life through genuine affection, active listening, embracing impermanence, valuing modest pleasures, and expressing daily gratitude. This cultivates presence, joy and fulfilment independent of changing circumstances. Life’s hardest yet most important lessons often involve losing what we fail to appreciate until it’s too late. Do not wait to start loving fully what you already have been given.