It may seem counterintuitive to the above points made in this post, but brands should want to provide an easy return policy for their online orders. Any storeowner, brick-and-mortar or online, will face returns at some point. So, instead of trying to figure out how to dodge returns, the first step is accepting that they’ll happen. The next step is finding strategies to minimize them and, finally, creating positive customer experience should they choose to send stuff back. Notable brands that nail the return process are ecommerce natives, meaning they didn’t start life as a brick-and-mortar store and tack ecommerce onto their strategy—they started online!

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This is the time to dig deep into market research by studying your competitors, surveying your audience and gauging the right price point for your product or service. Before brainstorming your product, think about which markets are already competitive and which markets have the potential for growth. Consider what markets where you already have a presence or a passion, and go from there. Utilize tools like Google Trends or Google Ads Keyword Planner to see what products and services are trending and how big the market is for your niche. You’ve identified a potential product that solves consumers’ problems and comes from a place of passion. Creating a resounding brand message can make a splash in the competitive ecommerce space. Tyler’s dives into the best of both worlds by selling niche clothing and accessories in addition to commodity apparel products from popular brands like Billabong, Simply Southern and YETI.

Smartphones, Hulu, and Walmart’s online pickup services are born

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If you buy from a seller that isn’t authorized, some manufacturers won’t honor the warranty—even with proof of purchase—if something goes wrong with your item. Online stores make it easy to immediately check out with the click of a button, but before doing so, give yourself 24 hours to think about the purchase. If it’s an impulse buy, postponing it gives you time for the impulse to cool off. Make sure your brand is properly positioned to acquire and build loyal customers. But if Netflix also used people’s web-browsing history—the percentage of web use on Tuesdays, the number of visits to, and some 5,000 other variables—it could boost its profits by 14.6 percent.


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Offering secure online payment options on your website requires a thorough approach of both planning and implementation. The five steps above will help you increase the security of online transactions for your business as well as protect your online reputation due to fraud. Cyber criminals have developed incredibly sophisticated techniques and malware that can sometimes thwart your best efforts for safe online shopping. As a another level of security for safe online shopping, you can use a temporary credit card to make online purchases, in lieu of your regular credit card. Ask your credit card company if you can be issued a temporary credit card number. Retailers are increasingly adopting new technologies to enhance and simplify the online shopping experience. Augmented reality (AR) technology allows customers to virtually try on clothing and accessories and visualize how furniture might look in their home.

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